Portfolio Review
Portfolio Review

The BFA Program in Experience Design and Production provides a foundation grounded in project-based learning supported by a rigorous theoretical and critical framework.


Central to the training is exposure to a variety of collaborative practices including live performance, film, dance, themed entertainment, immersive environments, as well as social and civic entrepreneurship.

The Program is designed to train flexible, highly skilled professionals who can understand and adapt to the shifting technologies and levels of sophistication that are necessary for the exciting alternative landscape of experience design, themed entertainment, and immersive environments. 

The Program is intended to lay the foundation for future exploration into the métier (or multiple métiers) of one’s choice and to pave the pathway to a rich and varied career. It supports rigorous and expansive engagement with the arts of scene, costume, sound, media, technical and experience design. 

Please note: All first-year BFA Experience Design and Production students complete a year of general foundation studies before they concentrate their work in an individual specialization. BFA transfer applicants are asked to choose an individual specialization within Experience Design and Production when applying to CalArts.
  • Ellen McCartney, Director of Design & Production

  • Shannon Scrofano, Associate Director of Design & Production


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