School of Theater


On-Campus Theater and Performance Spaces

CalArts’ main performance space is the Walt Disney Modular Theater. A vast black box, this facility’s variable architecture supports an unlimited range of stage and seating configurations. This space accommodates not only theater productions but also music and dance projects.

Besides the Walt Disney Modular Theater, the School of Theater features three smaller black boxes and a cabaret-style space.

Students in the Programs in Design and Production also take part in designing and staging productions in CalArts’ other performance spaces: The Sharon Disney Lund Dance Theater, The Wild Beast, the Roy O. Disney Music Hall, the Main Gallery, the various studios and sound stages of the School of Film/Video, and an assortment of non-traditional venues.

Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT)

REDCAT’s comprehensively outfitted performance space can be transformed into several different configurations, from thrust and end stage to in-the-round, while adaptable seating can accommodate an audience of 250. The theater features superb acoustics, with moveable panels that can be adjusted according to the requirements of each performance. The space is also equipped with 35mm, 16mm and digital projection systems.

Shops and Labs

The School of Theater operates a series of shops and labs to support the curricula of the Programs in Design and Production as well as the extensive slate of productions each year. These facilities include a scene/painting shop, a costume shop, a prop shop, a sound studio, a lighting lab, a computer lab, and costume, property and scenery storage facilities.

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