'Woyzeck,' directed by Chi-Wang Yang
'Woyzeck,' directed by Chi-Wang Yang

Dedicated to artistic experimentation and innovation, the selective, rigorous MFA Directing Program prepares experienced directors to put forward a personal vision for the theater and redefine the boundaries of performance.

Studies in the Program are first and foremost rooted in intensive practical experience, tailored to each student’s artistic interests. In addition to addressing the full spectrum of the dramatic canon, the Directing Program is unique in that it recognizes the importance of work generated by directors. It also pays significant attention to film aesthetics and practice, and their applications across a wide array of emerging media.

With a clear and abiding emphasis on practical experience, students are directing as frequently as possible—in classes, studios, labs, and productions—realizing visionary work in collaboration with exceptional artists across the Institute.

Please note: Only two students are accepted into the Program each year, with significant directing experience a prerequisite for admission.



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