3-Year Program

The Acting MFA is designed for advanced actors who are adventurous, imaginative and highly motivated. Training prepares students for the demands of a professional acting career across all media—from traditional to emerging. The curriculum focuses on all facets of the actor’s art and technique, striving to question commonly held assumptions about theater while exploring new possibilities.

Rigorous classes in acting, voice, speech, movement and theatrical production are augmented by a wide range of performance and production experiences—each tailored to the individual needs of the student. The curriculum is structured progressively, beginning with particularly strong emphasis on movement and physical expression as a means to unlock the imagination. Later on, training is devoted to on-camera technique as well as advanced scene study. The final year is balanced between the deepening of craft and imagination and the practical preparation for a career in performance.

MFA Actors are required to pass a Graduation Review to complete the Program and obtain the MFA degree.

Full Curriculum

Detailed curriculum and academic requirements can be found in the online course catalog.

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Interdisciplinary Opportunities

In addition to CalArts' rich and diverse community and naturally collaborative atmosphere, the Institute provides several programs of study that can be pursued concurrently with a student's chosen metier.

Integrated Media

The Integrated Media concentration is designed specifically for MFA students whose creative use of technology—in particular digital media—goes beyond their primary areas of study.

Integrated Media

Interschool Degree

This option is available to a small number of graduates and advanced third- and fourth-year undergraduates whose skills and artistic interests warrant pursuing a degree in more than one School.

Interschool Degree

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