School of Theater production 'Dead Awaken'
School of Theater production 'Dead Awaken'

Committed to artistry and new technology, the Lighting Design Program provides professional training in the traditional theatrical craft while broadening the student experience with projects in film, dance, art, music, and immersive environments.

The curriculum covers text analysis, graphic skills, and the use of systems and equipment, including computer-based technologies. Numerous production assignments help students to refine their skills and build substantial portfolios of their work.

The Program trains students in all aspects of the lighting design process, including developing a conceptual approach, creating the required drafting, and clearly and successfully articulating designs. Over the course of their studies, students will produce original and expressive artistic work for the stage, reflected in a unique professional-level design portfolio, and acquire the intellectual, technical, and creative skills to embark on a professional career as a lighting designer.


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