School of Theater

Cotsen Center for Puppetry and the Arts

Director: Janie Gieser

The Cotsen Center for Puppetry and the Arts was established in 1998 to allow CalArts students to explore contemporary puppetry and performing objects. Housed in the School of Theater, this one-of-a-kind laboratory offers a framework for practical training, artistic innovation, aesthetic inquiry and interdisciplinary investigation. In keeping with the evolution of puppetry through the integration of different art forms, the center strives to combine puppet theater with the use of new technologies and emerging forms and practices that cut across traditional boundaries.

Since its founding, the Center for Puppetry and the Arts has hosted an array of distinguished visiting artists, including Roman Paska, Lee Breuer, Basil Twist, Jane Henson, Paul Zaloom, Larry Reed, Michael Sommers, Peter Schumann, Ken Jacobs and Dan Hurlin. The center has also presented numerous productions on campus and, more recently, at REDCAT in downtown Los Angeles, all featuring student performers, designers, managers and technicians.

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