CNP Production of "Fantômas: Revenge of the Image"
CNP Production of "Fantômas: Revenge of the Image"

The MFA Technical Direction Program focuses on the group experience in collaborative design, fabrication and technical management.

By nature, a changing and evolving profession, the skills needed to be professionally proficient are unique in that they are a mix of traditional skills developed from the first stage productions combined with developing, and sometimes yet to be commercially available technologies. It is with these skills that the technical director, as the leader of a team of technical designers, technicians and craftspeople, is able to generate a tangible world from abstract ideas, drawings and conversations.

The Program is based on four basic principles: fabrication, communication, management and artistic awareness with an emphasis on technical design and management. These principles are integral to every production experience and all métier coursework. Graduates of the program are armed with the skills to be innovative forces in theater, as well as in themed environments, film, art, and many other avenues involving technical direction.

  • Michael Darling, Head of Technical Direction

Program Faculty

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