School of Theater


Director of Programs in Performance,
Head of MFA Acting,
Robert Corrigan Chair in Theater:

Mirjana Jokovic

Associate Director of Performance:
Rafael Lopez-Barrantes

The Performance Program leads the charge of artist training for the 21st century. Guided by an outstanding faculty of working professionals, the programs in performance include Acting, Directing, and Writing for Performance.

CalArts Student Interview: Peter Mark from CalArts on Vimeo.

The mission of the program is to equip well-rounded artists with the skills and vision to evolve the art form. Provided with a rigorous structured curriculum and a wide-range of production opportunities, our students experience a spectrum of performance across all media.

We offer degrees in both BFA and MFA Acting, as well as MFA degrees in Directing and Writing for Performance. The BFA and MFA Acting curriculum includes 4 or 3 years of study respectively. We offer a progressive training program that focuses on a variety of Acting styles as well as techniques in voice, speech and a variety of movement disciplines. Both programs conclude with a Showcase in both New York and Los Angeles, two epicenters of entertainment industry, where students are introduced to agents, managers, and other entertainment professionals.

The MFA programs Directing and Writing for Performance include 3 years of study. In addition to métier course work, the curriculum is tailored to allow the individual student to cultivate their singular vision.

Additionally, each program includes foundation courses in performance theory, aesthetics, history and dramatic literature. Throughout their training students work with their mentors to ensure their curriculum meets their interests and needs.

CalArts’ interdisciplinary mission gives our students the added advantage of education beyond their métier. Students expand their training through a multiplicity of courses in the Schools of Theater, Art, Dance, Critical Studies, Film/Video and Music. In addition to curricular collaborations, students are inspired to collaborate intellectually as well as artistically across the Institute.

The School of Theater produces an average of 8-12 projects over the course of the academic year. There are several types of production opportunities for our students, giving them a wide variety of experience and exposure. These range from full-scale productions to projects that focus on sharpening a particular skill to workshops led by guest artists, to explorations across media, immersive environments, and themed entertainment. CalArts Center for New Performance, the professional producing arm of the Institute, affords our students opportunities to bridge the gap between the curricular and professional worlds, working alongside their faculty, alumni, and industry professionals in local, national, and international forums.

With all of these opportunities, we strive to create imaginative and intellectually rigorous work. Our students emerge with the discipline and flexibility to be leaders in their field.

Programs in Performance

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