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MFA Producing


Co-Heads of Producing: Megan E Carter and Leslie Tamaribuchi

This rigorous graduate-level specialization trains creative producers with highly developed aesthetics, who can recognize and champion original and significant work and can invent new ways to support such work. CalArts’ emphasis on exploration encourages emerging producers to be self-reliant and ready to re-invent themselves and their tactics as new situations arise. In an ever-changing world, these skills are invaluable.

Placing as much emphasis on artistic issues and theory as on practical business applications and concerns, the core curriculum features seminars in areas such as textual and performance analysis, intellectual property, cultural policy, audience engagement, marketing, public relations, budgeting, and fundraising. Student producers participate in productions presented by both the School of Theater and the CalArts Center for New Performance and are encouraged to seek collaborations with their peers throughout the Institute.

Program Goals

  • To expose students to a variety of aesthetic and practical approaches that challenge and expand their awareness of the infinite possibilities of art-making and creativity
  • To provide rigorous training in the necessary practical skills, such as budgeting, marketing, grant-writing 
  • To develop students’ ability to extrapolate linear information from non-linear circumstances
  • To encourage students to demonstrate mature and increasingly sophisticated leadership skills, while growing in self-awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses 
  • To promote creative and independent thinking, problem-solving, and use of resources 
  • To encourage the growth of the students’ own aesthetic and to foster their on-going exploration of new artists, audiences, and methodologies 

A graduating producer will demonstrate an evolved aesthetic and curiosity in new artists, audiences, and methodologies; exhibit creative and independent thinking, problem-solving, and use of resources; demonstrate mature and increasingly sophisticated leadership skills with growing self-awareness; and possess the necessary practical skills to be a professional creative producer.


Every student is assigned a faculty mentor who is responsible for guiding the student through the artistic and academic programs. CalArts emphasizes the creation of strong student-to-faculty relationships, which enable students to draw from their instructors’ knowledge and creative spirit. Although students are initially assigned to a mentor, they have the freedom to change mentors at any point, and the student-mentor relationship continues throughout the student’s time at CalArts.

Apply to CalArts

For application requirements, please visit
If you wish to speak to a counselor for useful information on assembling a portfolio for admission, more information about our program, or for general questions about the application process, please email, or call (661) 255-1050.

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