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Immersive Experience & Themed Entertainment

The CalArts School of Theater provides students with an ever-expanding set of opportunities in new and future pathways for performance and design. Among the most exciting of these is the world of immersive environments, experience design, and themed entertainment.

Immersive Environments and Themed Entertainment involve immersive place-making, experience design, and the creation of story-based entertainment projects for theme parks, exhibitions, museums, theatrical presentations, and other environments.  Theater makers are uniquely equipped for this arena, as “story” and “concept” are the driving forces. Participants transcend any single métier, encouraging collaborations among the worlds of design, performance, visual art, and management.

We have developed a series of courses that challenge our students to

  • practice methods of creating and executing story-based entertainment and immersive place-making
  • collaborate with leading professionals in immersive storytelling, design, and themed entertainment
  • apply their theatrical expertise across a variety of landscapes and media
  • explore and push creative possibilities through engaging a variety of immersive projects
  • practice project collaboration in a professional group environment
  • learn advanced presentation skills, including verbal and visual presentation

Professional partnerships are central to this area of study. CalArts School of Theater has relationships with a number of themed entertainment companies including Walt Disney Imagineering, BRC Imagination Arts, Paramount, Universal, On Track Themes, Thinkwell, and RGH Entertainment.  These have yielded numerous internships and job opportunities for our current students and alumni.

We have an invaluable partnership with Walt Disney Imagineering, nurtured by Michael Jung, WDI Vice President of Creative Development and a CalArts alumnus. Our yearly WDI Blue Sky Initiative invites select students from all métiers to work under the mentorship of Disney Imagineers, creating and presenting projects to top level members of the WDI community.

The CalArts School of Theater stands at the forefront of this exciting new field, training artists who can work across the entire arena of immersive environments, experience design, and themed entertainment.

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