Robert Tokarz
Faculty, Applied Arts

Rob Tokarz is a faculty member in the Applied Arts program. An alumnus of the Scenic Painting Specialization (MFA) at the California Institute of the Arts, Rob has spent his time since working the film industry as a Production Designer and Art Director. He has worked on projects ranging from... Continue reading »

Paul Turbiak
Communications Manager/Executive Assistant to the Dean
Director of Communications, CalArts Center for New Performance

Paul Turbiak is a communicator, arts administrator, actor, writer, and teaching artist. He has worked with the CalArts School of Theater and CalArts Center for New Performance since 2011, supporting its artists and administrative team, and helping facilitate communication across its many... Continue reading »

Kalean Ung
Faculty, Voice

Kalean Ung is an award-winning actress, singer, and interdisciplinary artist. Her professional work ranges from Shakespeare to experimental theatre and contemporary opera. She has performed at The Kirk Douglas Theatre, Theatre @ Boston Court, REDCAT, Disney Hall, The Hammer Museum, Highways... Continue reading »

Bernard Van De Yacht

Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Bernie Van De Yacht is the youngest of 13 children. He earned a BA in Psychology and Theatre from The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and a MFA from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). After graduation, Bernie began working at an... Continue reading »

Kathleen Wilhoite
Faculty, School of Theater
Acting for the Camera

Kathleen Wilhoite’s story as a performing artist began when she joined her church choir at All Saints by the Sea in the first grade. Two years later, when she was on stage at the Santa Barbara County Bowl as part of a back-up choir with The Carpenters, she still remembers vividly the power... Continue reading »

* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty