Karen Gutierrez
Producing Faculty
School of Theater

Karen Gutierrez is a graduate of the University of Southern California and has been working in the cultural arts for over twenty years. Her career in Los Angeles has included Events Producer for USC Spectrum & media/sponsorship sales at commercial radio and NPR stations. As the Director of... Continue reading »

Carl Hancock Rux
Faculty, School of Theater
Writing for Performance

Carl Hancock Rux is an American poet, playwright, novelist, essayist, actor, director, singer-songwriter. He is the author of several books including the Village Voice Literary Prize-winning "Pagan Operetta," the novel, Asphalt, and the Obie Award-winning... Continue reading »

David Harris
Faculty, School of Theater

David Harris (DMA) specializes in new music, American music, and the intricacies of communication in singing, writing, and conducting. He has premiered hundreds of pieces, and helped FCCLA become a hub for new music. A composer/performer, David champions diverse styles by scientifically... Continue reading »

Asher Hartman
Faculty, School of Theater
Theater History

Asher Hartman is a transgender writer, director, and maker of live performances. His works, which combine strategies of theater and performance art, grapple with social and political issues in an era of chronic crisis. His works are dense, visual, poetic, embodied texts, infused with clown and... Continue reading »

Mona Heinze
Faculty, School of Theater
661-255-1050 x2505

A German Fulbright scholar, Mona Heinze received MFAs in Dramaturgy/Dramatic Criticism from Yale and Performing Arts Management from Brooklyn College. She was the resident dramaturg at Center Stage in Baltimore and taught at Johns-Hopkins University, New York University, and Brooklyn College,... Continue reading »

Julanne Chidi Hill
Faculty, Speech

For over a decade, Julanne Chidi Hill has taught acting, speech, and devised theatre, and has brought Shakespeare to classrooms. She has also provided training and workshops to teachers and institutions throughout the Pasadena and L.A. Unified School Districts. And she is a professional acting... Continue reading »

Roger Holzberg
Faculty, School of Theater
Experience Design & Production

Roger Holzberg is the founder of Reimagine Well, a company that designs and builds immersive healing programs for hospitals and treatment centers. He served as the first (consulting) Creative Director for the National Cancer Institute (NCI). At CalArts, along with Shannon Scrofano, he developed... Continue reading »

* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty