Carl Hancock Rux
Faculty, School of Theater
Writing for Performance

Carl Hancock Rux is an American poet, playwright, novelist, essayist, actor, director, singer-songwriter. He is the author of several books including the Village Voice Literary Prize-winning "Pagan Operetta," the novel, Asphalt, and the Obie Award-winning... Continue reading »

Asher Hartman
Faculty, School of Theater
Theater History

Asher Hartman is a transgender writer, director, and maker of live performances. His works, which combine strategies of theater and performance art, grapple with social and political issues in an era of chronic crisis. His works are dense, visual, poetic, embodied texts, infused with clown and... Continue reading »

Mona Heinze
Faculty, Dramaturgy
School of Theater
661-255-1050 x2505

Julanne Chidi Hill
Faculty, Speech

For over a decade, Julanne Chidi Hill has taught acting, speech, and devised theatre, and has brought Shakespeare to classrooms. She has also provided training and workshops to teachers and institutions throughout the Pasadena and L.A. Unified School Districts. And she is a professional acting... Continue reading »

Roger Holzberg

Roger Holzberg is the co-founder, along with Leonard Sender, MD, of Reimagine Well, a company that designs and builds immersive healing programs for hospitals and treatment centers. The Infusionarium™ platform empowers patients to receive treatment in the place they believe will best heal... Continue reading »

Nikki Hyde
Faculty, Stage Management

Nikki Hyde is a theater and opera stage manager. She is an ensemble member of Cornerstone Theater Company and a frequent stage manager at LA Opera. Recent credits include Highland Park is Here, Magic Fruit, California: The Tempest, Love on San Pedro (Cornerstone Theater Company), The Box... Continue reading »

Mara Isaacs
Faculty, Producing

Mara Isaacs is a Tony® and Grammy® Award winning producer and founder of Octopus Theatricals, an independent production company dedicated to fostering an expansive range of compelling theatrical works for local, national, and international audiences.  She has produced over 150... Continue reading »

* Faculty Emeritus
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