Mona Heinze
Faculty, Dramaturgy
661-255-1050 x2505

Mona Heinze has served as dramaturg on numerous productions of classics, new plays, and dance pieces.  She frequently collaborated with choreographer Donald Byrd (world premiere of The Seven Deadly Sins at Pacific Northwest Ballet, The Beast, exploring issues surrounding domestic violence,... Continue reading »

Justin Hogan
Head of Production Services
661-255-1050 x2633

Award winning producer/screenwriter Justin Hogan most recently produced the period piece thriller The Spirit Game that world premiered at The Cannes Film Festival 2013. Prior to that, he produced the drama Dirty Beautiful which is set for release in summer of 2014. In 2012 Hogan Co-produced the... Continue reading »

Mara Isaacs
Faculty, Producing

Mara Isaacs is a creative producer. She founded Octopus Theatricals in 2013 to foster an expansive range of compelling theatrical works for local, national and international audiences.   Current projects include Hadestown by Anaïs Mitchell; a new opera by Wayne Shorter and... Continue reading »

Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson is a designer and technician specializing in video for interactive and performance environments. He has worked in various capacities with Andrew Schneider, Lars Jan, The Wooster Group, Young Jean Lee, Radiohole, and Jump-Start Performance Co.

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Lars Jan
Faculty, Acting

Lars Jan is the son of emigres from Afghanistan and Poland. He is a director, writer, visual artist and the founder of Early Morning Opera, a genre-bending performance + art lab whose works explore emerging technologies, live audiences, and unclassifiable experience. His original works have been... Continue reading »

Mirjana Jokovic
Director of Performance; Head of MFA Acting

Mirjana Jokovic was born in Serbia, formerly a part of Yugoslavia. Mirjana started to work professionally as an actor in the movies and at the National Theater in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Soon, she was appearing in numerous television projects and as a lead at the National Theater. Three years... Continue reading »

* Faculty Emeritus
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