Robert Tokarz
Faculty, Applied Arts

Rob Tokarz is a faculty member in the Applied Arts program. An alumnus of the Scenic Painting Specialization (MFA) at the California Institute of the Arts, Rob has spent his time since working the film industry as a Production Designer and Art Director. He has worked on projects ranging from... Continue reading »

Cathrin Winsor
Faculty, Management

Cathrin Winsor is a Project Manager at BRC Imagination Arts, an experience design agency in Burbank, California. Her recent work includes the Hebrew Bible walk through and New Testament Theater at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. These pieces combine immersive theatrical environments... Continue reading »

Terry Wolverton

Terry Wolverton is the author of ten books of fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction, including Embers, a novel in poems, and Insurgent Muse: Life and Art at the Woman’s Building, a memoir. Her eleventh title, Ruin Porn, a collection of poetry, will be released at the end of 2017. She has... Continue reading »

Chi-wang Yang
Acting Faculty
Associate Artistic Director, CalArts Center for New Performance

Chi-wang Yang is a Los Angeles-based theater director and interdisciplinary artist. Whether in the form of plays, operas, concerts or installation; his work is physical, experimental, and collaborative. He is committed to expanding notions of identity and theatrical form and to exploring the... Continue reading »

* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty