School of Theater

Design and Production

Director of Design and Production:
Ellen McCartney

Capitalizing on Los Angeles as a global hub for media and creative professionals, these interrelated, multidisciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs offer intensive professional instruction in the arts of scene, costume, lighting and sound design, as well as in technical direction. Also included are focused specializations in applied design and video for performance. Increasingly, these individual disciplines are finding new and rewarding expressions in various global media markets, immersive environments and innovative live performances.

Sequential in structure, the Design and Production curricula consist of classroom study and hands-on production, allowing students to acquire broad aesthetic knowledge and practical technique. Students also develop professional-caliber portfolios required for careers in theater, film and other directions in art and entertainment.

All first-year BFA Design and Production students complete a year of general foundation studies before they concentrate their work in one or more individual programs. BFA transfer and MFA applicants, however, are asked to choose an individual program when applying to CalArts.

Programs in Design and Production

Scene Design Program (BFA, MFA) with specializations available in:

Costume Design Program (BFA, MFA)

Lighting Design Program (BFA, MFA)

Sound Design Program (BFA, MFA)

Technical Direction Program (BFA, MFA)

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