School of Theater

Creative Producing & Management

Committed to the training of producers and managers with a global cultural awareness, the California Institute of the Arts’ Creative Producing and Management Program combines the development of a rigorous aesthetic perspective with practical skills to prepare its students to champion, manifest and shape artistic vision in the theater and its interrelated creative environments of immersive entertainment and experimental live performance.

Curricular experiences cultivate expansive artistic knowledge, a robust critical perspective, and producing and management practices to support a multiplicity of creative collaborations and development processes. Professionals lead practice-based classroom study from theater and a broad range of other live and experimental performance fields. Significant attention is given to hands-on opportunities to collaborate with artists and creative professionals on an array of productions that emphasize the development of new forms.

The program fosters an understanding of best professional practices and tools to lead, create, or adapt the research and development of existing and emerging performance forms. We develop creative leaders, prepared to transform the field.


Production Management

Stage Management

Concentration in Integrated Media

The School of Theater’s MFA programs offer a supplemental concentration, via the institute-wide Center for Integrated Media (CIM), for students who wish to combine work in theater with an exploration of interdisciplinary practices, participatory media and interactive technologies.

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