School of Theater

Cal Arts Graduating Actors Showcase goes to New York City!

What is Showcase?

A year’s worth of work by both the BFA and MFA graduating companies culminating in an evening of scenes and monologues selected to best show our professional potential and individual talent. 

We will be performing our showcase in both NYC and LA for managers, agents, casting directors, friends, family, and other artists and professionals in film, television, and theater.

Showcase is an important introduction for us to the entertainment industry and an essential bridge from our academic life to our professional careers.

We are eagerly preparing for this opportunity!

As a class, we are responsible for funding both our travel expenses and accommodations for our New York Showcase in March... 

And that's where we need your help.

Through Kickstarter, we are seeking to raise $7,750 to cover hotel accommodations for two nights (the night's before and after showcase).  That's only $250 per student, but a huge help as we prepare ourselves for graduation and the real world.

Anything you can give is appreciated. It all adds up. 

And one more thing...If we do not reach our fundraising goal by our deadline, no one is charged, and we do not receive any funds, so... please tell your friends and spread the word!

Thank you for your time. 
We look forward to making this project happen with you!


Cal Arts School of Theater's 2011 Graduating Acting Company

Heather Alpert 
Sola Bamis 
Stephen Borello 
Sam Breen 
Anthony Castillo 
Caitlyn Conlin 
Mitchell Colley 
Chelsea Didier 
Christina Frias 
Narendra Gala 
Christian Gibbs 
Joss Glennie-Smith 
Jenny Greer 
Denielle Gray 
Kimberly Guevera 
Evan Hyde 
Jared Janushka 
Alexandra Kustin 
Mireya Lucio 
Shanna Malcolm 
Sarah Merkel 
Rogelio Orozco 
Christopher Rivas 
Whitney Rodriguez 
Eddie Rowley 
Josh Seidlitz 
Samantha Shay 
Brian Tichnell 
Matt Valladeres 
Chris Webb 
Tatiana Williams

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